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Previse Critical can be contacted Monday to Sunday inclusive, 24 hours a day, within reason and for buying on a:
projects, daily, monthly, products, services, contracts, or any purchasing negotiated bases and agreements, worldwide.
If this is a first visit we set-out offers for buyers, for investors and for finance. Our scope of supply includes economies.

scope of supply
designed to meet to all fields
designed for all forms of buyer
economies ecosystems
engineer engineers engineering

skilled thoughtful services and product

e-mail address:
telephone number: from international to uk commonly 0044 (0)782 5555 186 ; mob/land 0782 5555 186

Our most expensive offers:
On the 29 June 2016 entry (a wednesday we laid stress on our sports' offer for good reason). But we have three main expensive offers, or as we publish:
Buy one of our 100 million priced offers; We are prepared to negotiate on currency but the offers are based upon payment in GBP:
The Sports offer is priced 200 Millions. The Banking offer is priced 200 millions. The overall Economy(ies) offer is priced 400 Millions.
'Back-then' being a 'newcomer' we previously thought it reasonable to have a considerably low price on these offers. Then as time and opportunity passed
we started upping-the-price whilst maintaining vast differential between it and value in the present and future. In present time we have time-and-again
shown our most expensive offers maintain a-grip-on-reality including events local, national and worldwide. Note events, not just one, support our
offers and prices. Our most expensive offers hold exceptional value for money for the buyer, buyers.

Please deal with us directly. It's up-the-garden-path (= misled) if you start looking at us as an 'established' business, 'financial' structure, towards others and so on to assist your enquiry.
We are still the experienced 'newcomer' but now our services-products/offers are much more firmly based: confirmed.

Buy from (invest-in or finance) Previse Critical, the error business error worlds™.
Potential interest please deal with Previse Critical directly and reference only our own websites and published work. Here are some:

reference: [recmd optional: disable browser tracking cookies or delete cookies after visiting our .tel websites.] [you are here, this website, see scope of supply above] [where status, wip, results, and so on may be regularly notified] [.tel runs-on (is) a separate system to our .uk/.com GB/UK server; Orgs./buyers designed for stated; and publishings etc] [the gb/uk site ( no longer used, redirects to .uk, to help firm-up web controls that a gb/uk situated business entity)] [an original brand with ideas awaiting investment/money; In the meantime an offer option] [brand with ideas awaiting development/investment/money; In the meantime, some results and an offer option] [we do and as an offer for any field] [arranging detail and checking, under our direction prior to use, sign-off; or for failures, repairs, returns, product recalls, and so on, offer] [for urgency / urgent work ; offer published] ['announcement' sufficiently met to allow for offers]

One recent result of significant scale:
After years of work , including publishing on various, we made public a 'prediction' near the beginning of the year from GB/UK, and then did this to our websites:
23 June 2016 approx. 22:00 an intentionally blank page entry ; sites' contents currently in archive ; copyrights and all other rights reserved
Update 01 July 2016 , the GB/UK 24th result confirmed Previse Critical's : 'prediction' with support/recommendation.
In others words Previse Critical can 'predict' and actually do make 'big-calls' accurate enough 'ahead of time'. This is important given we are called
Previse Critical and because of the offers we present to attract buyers to buy through us, investors to invest-in/with us, and finance to finance us; rather than others / other routes.

1 (ref. section):
If dealing with us an invoice is supplied as a request for payment for work with payment to a GB/UK based bank account.
Buyers, payers, can use terms as agreed between us in writing.

This business is Previse Critical, the error business error worlds (tm) and we can deal with enquiries and provide our offers in a number of different ways (business forms).
Examples: as an individual, as a company, or in other business explorations.

The company is Previse Critical Limited registered address only: 88-90 Hatton Garden, unit-office 36, Holborn, London, (postcode) EC1N 8PN, GB/UK, Europe.
GB/UK registered company number 08218672.

Caution: Companies House official GB/UK companies database recently has added other company name(s) using the name form Previse ..?... Those companies are not (aren't) us,
potential buyers, investors and financials beware. Note well, fraudulent e-mails sent to us are logged fraudulent incoming e-mails: emails claiming to be our own e-mail address duping the internet's
e-mail design and implement infrastructure systems, e-mail clients, and so on (using for example false e-mail headers); Fraudulent invoices received and
emails claiming to be from accounts depts. and so on. Stop/cease.

reference: [our previous page on search results and so on].

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