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Caution: GB/UK’s Companies House official companies database recently has added company names using the form ‘Previse …………’ ; They are not (aren’t) us. Potential buyers and investors beware.

Previse Critical, the error business error worlds™ have already published commercially relevant material in some of the fields others may or not be ‘reacting to’. ‘Competition’ including monopolistic behaviours in GB/UK and wider has also been previously published. Brand dilution and confusion marketing behaviours undermining to original brand(s) and aimed at confusing or misleading buyers and investors exist. We take seriously activity by others around our work and including using data supplied to and held by officialdom. As an originating entity we defend our originality and authenticity rights for our business.

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As a business (we) navigate to provide options to supply the work : as a business sole trading, as private limited, or co-operation with your enterprise, organization and from newer business explorations. Our primary tax and legislative areas are United Kingdom/British UK/GB, mainly England/Scotland. Our customers, suppliers, operations as well as our work or scope of supply can be elsewhere or anywhere: Africa, the Americas, Arabia, Asia, Europe, Oceania, East, North, South, West, Equator, Flat-Spheroid Earths, Inner, Deep, Virtual, Near or Outer Space and such delineations.

Previse Critical are not a “global business”, our offers meet global scale work. These offers are also suitable for the much smaller and larger than global, within and across all fields.

Including human endeavours.

Space Economies:

Human star travellers that travel a world, one sun’s system, a galaxy, between galaxies, visit star fields or a universe may measure a year an orbit or a distance of light's speed. Past the enormity and immaterial for the moment, many humans and organizations position Earth as Universe Central. A gravitation enough for global inconsistencies about the value of this planet.

To be star travelling we need to change the impossible to possible. Start to highlight and firm-up on real entities in space. Complications of motion and for Earth-ers can also begin. People and organizations acting as dynamic inhibitors simultaneous with eroding required-statics (a relative term) on Earth to be addressed at the same time.       

Previse Critical’s scope of supply offers headings on the practical for earth and space economies. Find out how to buy on the left hand column. <<   

Review (of some work in/on Economies):

i. We claim to be an original business supplying new rather than reintroducing 'new' as new. We cannot continue if the privately financed, if the publicly financed, if those hired by both and so on take freely without buying our work. Fixed beliefs seemed to have materialised from significant enough avenues that taking practices are a private right, a political right, a public right, an offensive-defence right, a gain, a duty and so on.

ii. “a match score: Public Procurement 1,000,000,000s (billions) versus Previse Critical GBP/Euro 0 (nil). A tough lesson for the newcomer, what a thumping, home or away.” …Previse Critical have looked and worked at an economic system and its public tenders (work that governments and bodies have decided to issue). UK and EU public sectors - various types exist - are not required to rid themselves of work or procure. We focused on work that was issued by procurement people and organizations. Previse Critical did not (didn’t) need to look at it all to confirm public procurement work is operating monopolistically. And against whole populaces, in these cases in democracies  of people represented by others. Gigantic sums of money go from the UK and EU into procurement and are used to pay for work issued. Our work findings were tested against (subsequent) new release EU procurement directives - EU law - and confirmed the economic faults. EU procurement law applicable to countries and an economic system is designed with flaws for monopolistic behaviours. In other words own-goals and ‘prediction’ confirmed.

iii. That the sectors, public and private are not mutually exclusive, in other words they are not separate or separated things.              

iv. In the more private sector (owned businesses within economies) monopolistic behaviours are significantly active too. This extends to large projects often given the okay by crossover with politicals (theoretic transient vote power) and government entities (theoretic constant estranged power). Contacts-contracts, with less regard to economies is an important factor in detrimental effects. Also many larger influential businesses or organizations with well paid senior personnel and boards appear removed from our economies. Moreover it is less that large corporations are economies bigger than countries and governments but large and powerful as micro-economics. Many well paid senior people are board hoppers or sitters and have restraining incentives against building economies. Some humans put forward may be figureheads or contacts and oblivious to the functions and impacts of their organizations.

v. Local politics and local governance, and locals, contain people often involved for years, including decades, than transparent to the localities (economies). Our model (predicting) used sources of power (not as in energy) and other factors. Costly false (eg, deliberate) and true failures are reality and actual and active in local economies. They have been time demonstrated, for example, 2011-2016.  Our findings show localities deliberately encouraging and courting failings to shift locality economies’ output (constrain it) within power/money monopolists. There are a high quantity of examples of ‘bolt-on projects’ (high expenditure) to counter unravelling high expenditure and real (false and/or true) failings. GB/UK economies have locality inhibiting bases supported by strategically placed collaborators. Such would (does) include regular quantities of defective local news and media. Our model’s variables have also been confirmed evident yet operating disguised in diverse areas of the localities. In summary our  ‘prediction’ confirmed, GB/UK local economies have been (destroyed) and still are closely targeted by locality power/money gain games involving people and pseudo-organisation detrimental in present time to those localities (economies).

vi. Collaborating entities waste and expend vast quantities of resources with / without awareness of degrading and killing economies. All entities, vocations, authorities, spheres, and so on are prone to monopolistic behaviours. The tactics to strategies are subtle, and this is necessary to avoid being detected whilst generating large scale effects or collaborative monopolistics. Notice this delicate-impact reverse.

vii. Giant resources can arise from giant taxes, giant profits, giant investments, and so on. Giant resources can also be incentives to be giant wastes of resources. A business advert we maintained specifically regarding organizational waste has been on a public buyers’ site for about 4 years. During that time the buyers spent ‘n’ GBP millions (‘n’ times 1,000,000 pounds). Only one spender organization responded to our ad. They were promoting an EU funding programme seeking to label us ‘experts’ and to work for nil pounds, GBP 0 (£0). The idea being we would tempt a ‘customer’ to hire us whilst the ‘customer’ applied to be partly paid and then to doubly pay us. The capped amount was negligible, and certainly the guaranteed £0 was limited. In developed countries like the UK it is common knowledge money is required for survival. That UK/EU elements have designs on zero money work sub-economies employing handouts or lending whilst heavily money financing non-zero conduits is interesting to our work. Nevertheless we note our work has already offered our work on 100 million Euros/GBP to both the UK and EU economies. The offer still a general offer see <<. Year upon year UK/EU ‘organizations’ offered (no reply) continued funding others in billions (‘n’ times 1,000,000,000). Those responsible for the handouts continued confident others knew what they were doing. Perhaps they seen our offer a joke, considered us ignorant about work on economies. Giant governments and governmental bodies (not only them) are regularly distributing, betting and misplacing billions, giant wastes of resources, for example via policies and mathematics.

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